Wednesday, October 08, 2008

.: My Housemate :.

Text conversation :

B : I'm gonna fetch my housemate. She's staying with me and her 3 kids.

A : Housemate ke soulmate?

B : Kinda soulmate too.

A : Correct me. SHE's staying with you, and her 3 kids?

B : Yes. U sound jealous?

A : Me? Jeles? Nahh...But..U, her stay together. Wild gz, she's ur gf?

B : Technically she's not my gf.

A : Why can't u be a lover?

B : We can't. U want to know them?

A : Erm...Maybe. (yeah rite!?). You see her 24/7, why cant be a lover?

B : I let her stay with me cuz I care.

To be honest, my mind is elsewhere. Gosh, not another Sex In The City kinda thing. Baper ramai la lagi makhluk yang cenggini. Dok togede2 plak. Ape kes ntah? As cool as I am, but...gimme a break! Not another one, pls.

Tapi...itu sumer hilang bila Cik Kuntum dapat mms gamba yang atas tu. Siooot laaa!!!!

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