Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sapa Nak Duwet?

Guys, for those yang rasa2 nak menambahkan pengetahuan - speashly fresh graduates yang belom ada keje (dan rasa nak jadi kaya dapat elaun tak tolak epf, socso sumer) sila2 lah baca.
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The Malaysian financial landscape has been transformed in recent years to one that is sound, competitive and well diversified. To support the dynamic growth of the Malaysian financial sector, the financial industry players comprising commercial banks, investment banks, Islamic banks, development financial institutions, insurance companies and takaful operators organised the Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP) to develop new talents to meet the shortage of skilled talents in the industry. FSTEP is a national project driven by the financial sector, managed by Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia and supported by Bank Negara Malaysia. FSTEP aims to attract high calibre graduates from local and foreign institutions of higher learning to join the financial services industry - banks, Islamic banks, insurance and takaful.

FSTEP is entrusted to produce 1000 highly trained financial industry professionals to have an exciting career in the financial services industry.

The Targeted Participants
FSTEP is targeted at high calibre graduates from any discipline from local and foreign institutions of higher learning. Those who are working in the non-financial sector with interest to pursue careers with the financial institutions of banks, investment banks, Islamic banks, insurance companies and Takaful operator are encouraged to apply.

Entry Requirements

Selection Criteria

  • Open to both local and foreign trainee graduates with a minimum CGPA of 3.25
  • Age 25 years and below; discretionally up to 30 years old
  • Possess a high level of English proficiency
  • Recognised degree in the following disciplines:





Actuarial Science


Investment Analysis

Islamic Banking

Syariah Law


  • Other related business and non-business disciplines will also be considered

Programme Structure
FSTEP provides an intensive 1-year technical training in banking and insurance, including Islamic finance and takaful.

The comprehensive training includes simulations, workshops and case studies as well as on-the-job training/exposure through internship with financial institutions. In addition participants will also undergo personal development courses, Outward Bound School and be involved in community projects aimed at developing well-rounded individuals.

Programme Content

The orientation of the programme will focus on practical and operational aspects of finance services industry.

  • Phase One : Introduction to Malaysian Financial System as well as 6 months classroom training on the following:

Introduction to Conventional Banking

Introduction to Investment Banking

Introduction to Insurance & Takaful

Introduction to Islamic Banking

Other extra curricular activities of Outward Bound School, community projects and industrial visits

  • Phase Two : 6 months of Internship with Financial Institutions

Internship to a Financial Institution

Mentoring Programme

Technical Skills Development


  • Monthly scholarship allowance of RM2,200.00 per month
  • Basic medical and insurance coverage
  • Invaluable industry training and exposure
  • Successful participants will be absorbed into the financial services industry
  • Plus many more benefits of personal development courses, Outward Bound School training, English speaker club etc.

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