Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stop Bangau-ing!

That's me...and En Rizal Hassan..oppss...should call him rizal cause he said "My mother named me Rizal, not Mr Rizal or En Rizal".

He was @ FSTEP last week for Personal Development Programme - Take Charge!

A very humble man, yet he manage to pull out the crowd. He even let us know a thing or two about "the Secret of the Eye".

Nyeh nyeh nyeh..pasni korang dah takleh kelentong Cik Kuntum dah. Sekali tengok je bola mata tu, dah taw cakap betol ke nipu! So...I'm warning you ahh...dun play2 with me ok?

Thot of having him (ehehhe...macam nak makan dea plak ayat nih!) for the 3rd Batch Overview week. Thou he's good, he is willingly to accept a small rates offered by BNM. Cool la tu kan? Funny guy who thought you that u should be the one who take charge of you life and stop bangau-ing (giving excuses!).

Dimana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan. Tol tak?

1 comment:

Mira Suikim said...

betul..betul (ala2 cam upin)

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