Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tips : How To Wake Me Up

How To Wake Me Up :

1) NEVER shout my name out loud (obvious rite? shout means loud!). I will end up screaming with the highest dB using those words u dont even want to hear.

2) DO NOT repeatedly knocking at my door with those BOOM BANG sound. I mite end up knocking @ your head.

3) DON'T even think on using remarks or be sarcastic to me when i just open up my eyes. You will have to bare to get things to be thrown to your bloody face.

4) Thought of splashing me waters? HELL NO! U will be taking your bath outside the bathroom, u bet!

5) NO WAY u gonna get away if you shake my body as if there's an earthquake or sumtin. The last thing you know, you'll be my punching bag.

6) A wake up call from someone sweet with an intro "Morning Munchkin / Honey / Darl / Baby" will be just fine.

See, I'm not asking for too much..Didn't i?

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