Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Sweet Honey

Taaaraaaa!!!My Sweet Honey! Seyes ok, Cik Kuntum tak tipu.Nama jam nih memang gini. Well, i guess it will be my honey foreva!After let see...3-4 years not wearing one (the last time oso swatch-musical) it just feel rite, finally!

At first, confuse nak buat pilihan. Memandangkan Cik Kuntum ni so allergy / alah ngan benda2 metal la jugak pilihan yang ada. Thats why i go for swatch. Walaupon ramai kata itu untuk budak2..i dun care. 3 designs kat swatch yang membuatkan Cik Kuntum jatuh chenta and 1 design from Fossil. Gile rambang mata! Nak beli tali kulit..nanti putus lagik! Susah2...This one, actually not in my list of choices pon. Tapi memikirkan segala faktor dari segala sudut..I end up buying this one. Jarum tu glow in the dark u! Got diamond2 sum more!Huhuu..

"My Sweet Honey" was suppose to be paired with "Love" - men's version of this watch. Hehheeh..Cik Kuntum nak buat offer terbuka nih. Since I've bought the watch oredi, sapa2 yang ada pakai "Love" tuh, sila2 la anta CV...!Ahaks! Here's little info bout "My Sweet Honey"

This couple has advanced to the point of exchanging terms of endearment in public, and hers is My Sweet Honey. The bracelet of this Irony Medium forms a stainless steel pattern of polished and satin-brushed links; the satin-brushed steel case holds a polished steel bezel with engraved indices marking all hours. The warm grey sunbrushed dial has a grey outer ring whose hour and minute indices are set off against the unmarked ground. Transparent white crystals at hours 1,5,7,9 and 11 alternate with applied reflective metal Arabic numerals at all other hours but 3, where a white-on-black date window appears. Reflective metal hour and minute hands with superlite highlights and a slim metallic seconds hand mark the time.

Family Irony Medium
Overall colour Silver
Case material Stainless Steel
Case colour Silver
Strap material Stainless Steel
Strap colour Silver
Watch diameter mm
Strap width
Features Water-resistance (30m/100ft) Date


Anonymous said...

swatch IS the best!

Unknown said...

yeah...sure does!

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