Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sejauh Mana...?

Ermm...Ni Cik Kuntum nak melayan blues seketika. Bukan selalu pun jiwengz melanda kan? So..u ols sabar2 je la. Layan je. Pernah tak korang buat sumtin then regret it? Speshly kalau involve orang lain yang let say close to u? Logically, no one will do things that shall hurt sumone u love, ait? Whether he / she is ur balak, awek, buddies, besfren spehly nyer. Still, do note that I'm no angel. Its not like i purposely done it for the sake to humiliate u. Never!

Yeah, true you mite think i've made fun of all ur sober and the story telling thingy. And worst, when it was there for public viewing. Damages has been done, I have to live with it. Its time to pay, and its gonna take me a hard times to get things rite again. But hey, wasn't my effort to admit my stupid mistake means anything to u? What about all the text message that u failed to reply purposely just like a joke to u? Maybe all the calls I made to u which end up with no "hello" means i have to just buzz off?

Where do we go from here? Just let time to decide and lead us somewhere? Or pretend nutin happen between us? Or yeah..U can just choose to let years (seriously years means more than single digit) of friendship to longkang? People needs time to heal. I dun deny that. But all of us have their ego as well. U have yours and i do have mine. For the moment, I'm putting it aside just to make sure things will become better. Guess noting work (as least for now). Knowing you, I know you love to be in control and be the one who pull the trigger. Does that makes I'm the victim? Being worried, miserable everyday just because i have not heard a single word from you?

Life must go on. We must too. Being stubborn is no big deal for me as I am one of a kind too. But being human, we have to communicate in order to reconcile the problem. Why cant we talk? U have ur own downfall/mistake and others still accept u, what make my mistake greater than yours?


zool irfan said...

layan lagu blues.. ingat kan apa tadi.. huh..

zool pun ngah layan gak ni.. down to the jingle ni.

Unknown said...

sob sob kaler tv3 plak! ahahaha!

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