Wednesday, November 12, 2008

.: Jealous la Tu :.

Macam2 hal jadi sekarang nih. Dalam opis nih pon macam bergelora je senantiasa.

After the episode of serang hendap tuh, timbul plak new story. Berita baru yang dapat tawu, adalah plak makhluk2 dalam opis nih yang tak puas hati ngan orang2 dalam dept CK, including me oso la kan.

We are guilty for bringing the office environment so lively and enjoyable to work in. Hows that?

Yea yea....comments made from idiot who dun know how to enjoy their life and take their work as in work and not enjoying every bit of it. They dont have passion for it.

Dont blame me for having a good time with my work and my fellow team mates. You, on the other hand should learn how to chill once a while. Daily life we communicate with each other either with inside ppl or outside. I'm having a blast with fellow faci. And its based on pure frenship punya relation.

I scratch ur back, u scratch mine...That's it. Win win situation thou i love getting all the prezzie, gift from them. Its how they appreciate me. Cant blame them for that. Sorry, i dun play money politic in this office. They (the outsider) work their ass for the slots. Yes, i made the arrangement by having a fair share for each and everyone.

For some of you, who have extra benefit (in terms of monetories) from my arrangement (sambil menyelam minum air la tuh)...suka hati u la. U choose to be hamba duit, none of my concern. Again, as far as i know i have done no wrong (except kadang2 kuar makan lama sikit sebab keluar lambat) ... Wish to hear good news anytime soon!Yeehaaa!!!

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