Friday, August 07, 2009

:: Oh, Crap! ::

My mood was ok until....Ah...crap!

1. When u have no idea of something, you ask. Digest the info. Don't pretend or assume.

2. Do NOT give your opinion unless you know what you are talking about.

3. Do NOT underestimate anyone. You might have not fully see what they are capable of.

4. Should you need to discuss, put all your negative thought far far away. Discuss it professionally not emotionally.

5. Be firm, not rude.

6. Listen. You will not get anything out of something when both parties talk and no one listen to it.

7. Bold enough to speak on your thought yet be prepared to get screwed by others.

8. Life, work is so subjective and it's not you to determine who's right and who's not.

9. Do what you do best, leave other to the rest.

10. I dont need you to like me to get things done. Its ur task, so shut up and perform.


Kimi Kay MS said...


mari aku seligikan orang yg buat kamu tetiba rasa sunggu krep [crap] gitu...

Unknown said...

owh mister crabbb...


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