Wednesday, August 12, 2009

:: Do's & Don't ::

Sooner or later one of 'the lalats' will read this entry so here's what i have to say on the do's and don't on blogging. Think 3 points for each Do's and Don't will be good.

  1. Say all the good things on whatever you touch in your writing (Read : Make people around you, speshly the one who shares the same workspace feel good about themselves)
  2. Write things related to vacation, food, fun. (Read : Do not expose your co-worker's bad attitude or how unorganized one can be. They don't like it)
  3. Use only words of wisdom when writing. (Read : Thou its your blog, you have no freedom to express your feeling cuz 'the lalats' will read it n they will not like it)

  1. In any circummstances to use explicit terms. (Read : It's my blog, i'll take charge)
  2. Offense any party with any part of your entry (Read : I love myself much. Better let them suffer than me)
  3. Let other people labelled your blog as 'WASTE OF TIME". (Read : I dungivadem)

Therefore, for those who have yet to read my blog....your comment means nothing to me.

For you who suffer mental illness or heart ache due to the entry....Sorry, i cant help you except to advise you to see the doctor.

To any of you who loves playing 'postman" - to read my blog and spread it to the clanz with an intention to create chaos, Thank You for being "nice".

Bottomline is, do whatever...i just dont bother.


Kimi Kay MS said...

hehehe baek punyeeee...

let all the lalats to rot in hell...

eceli kan meka2 ni dengki pasal orang cambest macam u ni ada blog yg cambest juga yg dibaca oleh orang2 yg cambest macam ai *wink2* ni, antaranya...

tu pasalle meka jadik lalat2 & posto tak bertauliah tuh...

besa la... tak dengki tak mlyu lah... hohohoh...

Unknown said...

best ke...? Biasa je la dear...kita tulis apa yang kita rasa je. Takde niat nak singgung sapa2. But if they do feel offended, sorilah kan.

still, cuma read between the line gak..kenapa org kata camtu. tol?


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