Sunday, February 22, 2009

:: Ngantok! ::

It's 10 am.
And I'm late for work.
Ahh..Its Saturday n m not going there u jerk!
It's time for tv and stress free from work
Let's sit and eat till u hear the 'burp!'
It's 2.00 pm
The MS Office trial version has expired.
Need to get the full version but i feel tired.
Need to prepare the slides or else i'll be fired
Why waste money when i can get a pirate?
It's 4.00 pm.
Still strugling to install the software bought earlier.
Made a calls to the vendor or was he the cashier.
This and that, do's and don't he keeps on repeating
Why does this damned software ain't working?
It's 4.30 pm.
And i have lost my patience.
Drove back to the store to get more explanations
Being given new disk with some steps being written down
Will it work this time around?
It's 6.00 pm.
Shit! It's not working still!
I'm running out of time, think i need a chill pill
Patience become nill, and i'm now sweating
I cant just sit and do nothing!
It's 9.00 pm.
I was at the office trying to get the thing that i want
My notebook has crash and i need another one.
Lucky Eddee gimme keys.
Or else i'll be pissed!
It's 12.oo midnite.
Leq texted and fetched me for drinks.
One hour - thats how long the conversation bring
Back home and i was terified by the time.
Dammit! Look at the time, look at the time!
It's 4.25 am.
I'm finally smiling to my disbelief.
I have done a good job, i guess i believe.
As sleepy as a pig, what else can i be.
Why should i wait when i can hear the pillow is calling me?
Buh bye!

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