Wednesday, December 24, 2008

.: Tolong , Dengar :.

I was supposed to go to Shah Alam and pay my boss a visit. I haven't see him since last week, the last day was Thursday i guess before he surrendered himself to be hospitalized.

He has been discharged last Sunday and i have not seen him till today. Sent him an sms mentioned that I'm gonna see him in less than three hours time. He replied and mentioned that he is still bedridden, lost his appetite and most important to weak to move from one place to another.

Therefore the plan has to be canceled. Reached home @ 8pm and manage to watch the news. It was 8.40 (during the sports session) I switched to the other station. Phua Chua Kuang was aired. Been a while i have not watched this famous Singaporean comedy series.

Something caught my intention and made me realized that somehow it's true and happening to all of the women (mostly). There are lot of us (women) who loved to talk to their partners/friends. Doesnt matter whats the subject will be. It can be work related (the i-hate-that-bitch is my boss), love (i-am-waiting-for-you-to-marry-me) or even current gossip.

We do whinned about our stress and tension. And in return, what do we really want and need during that specific momment? A shoulder to cry on? A lecture? An advice?

Listen. Yes, that's the best thing one can offer. As for me, i hate to be nag or hear any comments/complaints when i'm not in the mood to discuss on what had happen. Afterall, if i need your 'consultation' i will definetely ask for it. Should you hear no request to it, keep ur ears alert and your mouth shut.

It's not that I do not appreciate your kind and concern, I just need my space. Some room to breath. Stop pushing me with those questions that might sounds important to you but end up I'm hearing nonsense.

Therefore, just listen. It's not that hard, i bet!


FerioBiru said...

yea... im listening... keep talking

Unknown said...

owhh..thats sweet...

tukar gamba profile da eh?

Pink Marie said...

i'm reading.. keep writing..

Unknown said...

hugs u la!


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