Monday, December 22, 2008

.: Imran Ajmain : Punca & Persembahan :.

Sesungguhnya hujung minggu kali ini meninggalkan kesan paling manis dalam kebanyakan insan. Dengan kejayaan projek "Have A Heart @ IJN", we deserve to celebrates. Wats will be the best way to celebrate compare to a soulful and mesmerizing Imran Ajmain's - Punca Dan Persembahan.

Located at The Annexxe, Central Market - the show leave us (Me, Tot, Dilla, Mek, Yana and Rizal) with a sweet memories. Too bad Yaya n Abam Faz takleh join! Thanks for invite guys - both Aszuad n Imran. Lain kali, sudi2 la jemput lagi, satu kampung i angkut! As warned by Imran the day before (masa kat IJN) the show will start sharp @ 3.30 pm. Takda ala2 timing Melayu ok. Takmo tinggal keretapi, u better be there early!

Imran performed few songs - a mix of his own and other local and international artiste includes Harvey Malaiholo, Babyface and Rossa too! I have to admit, I am not his biggest fan but hey..with one showcase, the table turn. He blew me away when he sang Rossa's - Aku Bukan Untukmu (forgiven for the salah masuk part during middle part of the song). Notice he has a wide voice range and he can do Ahmad Jais's song sounds so original beb!

Someone told me he is so talented yet i have to see it on my own. The showcase also feat Atilia - with her Selalu Denganmu and duet with Imran on Seribu Tahun. Infinatez done a great job with their harmony tunes - guys, put more effort to be on the front line, jangan malu2! Favourite perfomance will be Shazzy with his sax playing Faizal Tahir's hit - Mahakarya Cinta.

Imran's Malu performance tickled me. He is so adorable, cute and oohhh u name it he got it! Calon yang baik dibuat menantu (Cik yaya, cepat2 dapat baby girl k?) . He captured the audience well! Kudos to you Imran!

He said, "Thanks Adzra..."
"Thanks to you more!"


Zu said...

congrats buat korang semua

NaD said...

ala... yummm sangat la dia nihh!

Unknown said...

penangan satu kampung!

Dory said...

ensem la dia ni.. ooh abam imran..

Unknown said...

heheeh...menjangkit suda!

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