Thursday, October 08, 2009

:: Masa itu....canteeekkk!!! ::

Kalau korang ingat, dulu cK pernah beli jam Swatch yang satu ni. Well, its not only a goes by the name Sweet Honey. Tak percaya, sila google eh . Camni rupa dia.

Tiba2 pagi ni timbul rasa membuak2 nak tambahkan koleksi jam yang ada. Think its about time for my Sweet Honey to have new friends. Memandangkan cK ni ada masalah alahan kulit, therefore not all type of metal can go with my type of skin. Serius ok, tak main2.

Means, kalau imitesen tu harapan sikit lah nak tahan lamanya. Mau naik bintik2 berair pehtu bila pecah dan digaru, merah merebak merata. Huuii...takmolah. Thats why i prefer not to wear watch until last two years. Pegi Swatch tu tengok, terus jatuh cinta.

So, cK gugel2 website Swatch n here are some of the desgins that i like. Macam nk masuk dalam wishlist la plak kan...Ha ha ha. Mula-mula cK dah bling2 tengok collection Climber Flowery which comes in three different colour - white, pink and blue. Omg! Rambang mata sudah. But then, i want something similar to my Sweet Honey - ada date di situ. So, i keep on browse Swatch nyer website lagi.

Found this one - Flower Box namanya. I fall for the design kat metal strap tu. Mind you, i loves Swatch - Irony collection so much. With blue background, it just melt me straight away lah. Blue is my ultimate favourite colour for all time. Let it be dark blue, baby blue, navy blue...suka je..Naaakkk!!!!!

But wait, not to long after that..i come acros sweet pink creation named Ton Chemin. Terasa cam mek mafia kampung la plak. Tetiba kenan kaler pink. And i have to admit that this design has it own feminine touch. Ada ala2 batu diamond situ , just like my Sweet Honey. Naaak jugaaakkk...

Ahah! Feminine, elegant but mysterious. That's how i describes the next design. Its call Black Flower. Flower to represent you feminity and softness, black to represent your dark, emo side of your self. this one too!

Still, i dont find anything with a date/day on it until i saw this one. Again, blue! Im blue dabadeedabadaaa...More sophicated looks and fits working scenario. Macam sporty gak in one glance...and carries the date and day as well...Cool eh?What do you think?

If i could, i want to have all of them..But if i have to choose, i hope each of you who read this entry can take the hint and start rushing to the nearest store and buy any of them for me. yes, for me. Ha ha!


yaya|azura said...

my first swatch was a big bright yellow pop-swatch when i was 11 years old... that was in 1989... then i jadi fanatik swatch and even multiwatch. :D
baru-baru ni pun i ada browse swatch punya website but i'm more into the bijoux collection... naiseee!
one thing about swatches, once broken consider buying a new one. hehehe....

Unknown said...

kan....tu first would be masa umur 12thn. Nanny belikan pasal dapat 4A upsr. That is Swatch Musical series. Best wooo...ada lagu2.

Sebab sayang sangat, 2 kali tukar tali kulit ...what to expext, kulit lama2 kan lunyai...then, i opt for strap yang cam bracelet tu.

Tahan la..lawa gak masa tu...but then, cangkuk nya patah...maka...buhbye la jawabnya. So..last two years baru la jumpa Sweet Honey..

Nak semuaaaaa!!!

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