Monday, October 19, 2009

:: 19th October ::

Today is not just another day
Thou the fact most of us hates Monday
It will definitely be more than just a day
Cause I'm celebrating my birthday!

For all the things that i've done wrong
Hope i'll be forgiven thou it mite take long
For all the friends whom with me all along
We'll walk the journey just like a rock song

For so many dreams i must achieve
Pray for me dear for i will not miss
Of all the things i have put in my list
May God answer my prayer and let me get in biz!


yaya|azura said...

happy birthday ck! may all the love and the happiness be your always. muaaah!

Unknown said...

Mekasih Kak Yaya a.k.a Mrs Fazz to be. Muahs! Hugs!

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