Friday, October 30, 2009

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" A woman who knows she wants to be married and raise a family and lets a man know this upfront is a keeper; a woman who doesn't have a plan for her relationship life beyond next weekend is a throwback" - Steve Harvey
It happen that I watched Steve appearance in Oprah last week. He talked about relationship, the expectation - men vs women. Depsite the fact he is a hugely successful stand-up comedian who now host 'Steve Harvey Morning Show', he did pretty good in writing thou.
The book - Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Men makes me realize that men is not a complicated creature to understand. It's not about messing up the signal and think beyond from what it should be but to give and respond accordingly.

Men by nature will - Profess, Provide and Protect their Women. Whereas in return all they're asking are Support, Loyalty and Cookie. By saying cookie...its either their belly or their needs for pampered, caress, also known as sex. As simple as that. Steve also reveal the truth on why men cheats also the five questions a single lady should ask before she decides to go for a deeper relationship.

A good reading material for single, couple and not fogetting the married people. You will then understand your man better. On the plus note, now you have more clues on the criteria need to be spotted when you go for your man-hunt. Must read!


Pink Marie said...

hey that quote is much more suitable for men too. tambah jerk disitu. ceheheh

Unknown said...

kan...i suka la buku ni works for both gender. but best part, it makes woman understand man better. i'm pretty sure.

rihanna said...

thanks nak cari buku ni..

Unknown said...

u should...kinokuniy, MPH, Borders...mesti ada. I got mine for RM65.90.

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