Sunday, May 24, 2009

:: All ABout Ms ::

Ye, jangan betulkan mata anda. Memang betul apa yang korang baca. Kalau rasa M tu refer to new scandal kalu, nope! Silap da tu. Let me tell u what Ms are all about. Lets start folks!

  • Mood swing.
  • Moody.
  • Marah2.
  • Mengaruk.
  • Menyampah.
  • Mengumpat
  • Mengata
  • Menahan sabar
  • Mengira syiling
  • Menunggu gaji
  • Menghitung hari
Well...ada banyak lagi kalau nak list down. Malas. Yes, thats another M. Seems like these last 2 weeks, really put my patience to the test. All roll into one. Moga2 tabah la ndaknyer.\

I learn my lesson, not to trust people much. What to do. I hate to judge people ma. Thought that with your sincerity (at least thats what u potray) and the family, education background you should have been better. U r the most sophiscated liar instead.

Phewww...payday mayday2! I need you to light up my day!!!!


Zu said...

ni mesti over shopping nihhh....ha kira baik2 tu syilling k:D

Mira Suikim said...

a good thing to learn... dun just trust! tp saya bole! hu hu hu

oh tuhan ku, tabahkan hati CK..Amin.

FerioBiru said...

M for money matters

Unknown said...

zu : tak juga...berhemat dah nih kiranya

toti : baiklah!

baman : yes. yes. yes!

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