Saturday, January 10, 2009

:: I Hope Its You ::

I have this conversation recently.

CK : I hope u'll get married before i do.
?? : Oh, rili? I hope u'll settle down before me.

CK : Nope. U know why? If i were married before you do, when something wrong happen i'll be running back to you.
?? : Huh?

CK : That's why i need you to kahwin dulu. So that, i know u have sumone to jaga. Therefore, I cant be running to you for advice lagi dah.

I guess its true that my world or your world does not revolved around each other only. But don't you know that among all I choose to be with you? For the reason being I can be myself, my own self. When I can be sacarstic and no one bother. I can crakes jokes and we just laugh out loud. I can just cry and you can comfort me.

" Aku tak minat nak layan orang yang aku tak tahu apa masalahnya".

Well said. But were you there to listen?

It is sad, when I need you and you was not there. Tak ada yang kekal. Maka maybe it's about time to just kiss and say goodbye?

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