Sunday, January 04, 2009

:: The 2 Gorjes Women ::

Late entry.

These took place during the last day of Year 2008. Mama and Emma shares their Birthday. They have the idea of the whole world is celebrating their birthday. So not true!

Anyway, take a close look at what's written on the marvelous Secret's Marble Cheesecake.

"2 Gorjes Women.
emMama (to indicates Emma and Mama)
happy Besday
Rock Steady (this comes from Boboy...wat can i say!)


yaya|azura said...

happy belated birthday mama and emma! *hugs*

Unknown said...


Mem Aluya said...

Seriously, when is their birthday? They really share 31st Dec?

Unknown said...

yeap..u got it rite..31/12...tahun je lain2

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