Wednesday, September 09, 2009

:: Running Away From Paparazi ::

Take a look at pictures below.

Should i or him is a celebrity, these are good shots that can sell. Let's do some dialogfue for the picture, shall we?

Picture 1

Him : No picture picture (chase off the paparazi)
Me : Ahhh...c'mon guys...not here...not now...

Picture 2

Him : What? No..we are just friend
Me : No comment. Rumors...

Picture 3

Him : Let me see what you got there. We will call for PC soon. Just dun write about it first.
Me : Yeah. Delete it off. You'll get ur story later.

Then what? As usual...below picture will be published with the headline "Hanya Kawan" or maybe "cK Temui Cinta Baru?".

Too good to be true eh? That's why i'm not those celebrities! Dang! If only....*sigh*

1 comment:

yaya|azura said...

awwww..... so shuweet.

eh bleh leave a comment ke nie?


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