Sunday, September 27, 2009

:: Life Is Too Short To ... ::

Yes. That's the fact. Qada' dan Qadar telah tertulis. Bila lahirnya, bila matinya, bila nikahnya. You just wont get that extra miles. Slowly, i learn that life is too short to .....

1. pay attention when people bitching bout you / others and yet they dont confront.
- There's always solution to something. It's you to decide whether you are dare enough to settle things or just keep the juicy gossips runs in your circle of mind. You are not contributing for betterment, so why should i bother. The more i listen to it, the more i'll be unnecesarily involve. Move on.

2. feel paranoid or sad when someone hates u.
- face it. It's reality. Some people may likes you, and some might turn their back. Nothing weird about it. What you give you get back (thou sometime you won't). Hug them when they hugs you, turn when they leave. No point to hang in there.

3. concern on others when they care less about you.
- all these while i guess some people just take an advantage on me due to the above. I try to gives my heart to anyone i know but it just don't pay off. Does not mean i want something in return BUT the more i gives, the more i hurt myself by doing so. Why should i allow myself to be a victim? Plus, a coward just don't deserve my attention.

4. be fooled by Miss Two Face.
- remember Two Face in Batman? He has to wear a costume, whereby you don't need one. Girl, I am a Drama Queen, don't try to be me. I don't need your cheap soap opera. From now on, I just treat you as a sick human who loves attention err.... by the whole nation?

5. not be a forgiver.
- you read it right. At least, i have done my part. When i said 'Ok / No problem', it does mean 0-0, in terms of forgiving. Unless you can find me any device to erase my memory, the first thing i need is to get rid of your image since Day 1. By doing so, then hopefully i can forgive and forget.

6. neglect people who loves me.
- Screw all haters. I shall get rid of you and focus to my dear darlings. They will stand by me no matter what and guide me through when i'm far off the path. That's a real deal that you can't steal.

7. think about people's feeling more than my own.
- when i'm in the wrong (or sense something is wrong), i'll say sorry. That just not gonna happen anymore to just anyone. By puting others first (speshly to those unimportant people), makes me suffer. I don't like you, still i don't hate you. That's the best i can offer.

With all respect, you can continue to blab like mad. I don't care.

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