Wednesday, November 11, 2009

:: Woman I Envy ::

Latest addition to the list. Period.

Presenting Ybhg. Datuk Bridget Anne Lai, Group Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad.
It's all started as early as July when I first emailed her office to invite her good self for our mothly session with industry prominent leader. Numbers of correspondences - writing, phone calls need to done to convince her team that she should be present.

Those powerful women in Malaysia financial industry

It did not take too long for her office to reply me with a great news. I was so excited to the fact that I'll be meeting one of the Top 50 Women to Watch 2009 named by Financial Times. Yes, it is the exact feeling i have during meeting up Ms. Yvonne Chia, Group MD of Hong Leong Bank Berhad. Worries, excited, eager - all in one.

She agreed to speak on the topic suggested 'Women In Banking' - something that we believe is close to her heart. After hearing her speech, I can't help myself to envy her confidence and resilience towards her passion in banking. She is super-woman, one of a kind of course.

Abah with Datuk

Her speech does aspire all of us on how a woman shouldnt just give up to pursue their dreams to be somebody in any field that they wanted to. Never stop learning. As for those who's only goal is to get married, she has something to ponder "Beauty fade and we all will be ugly one day, for sure. Whats left is your mind which to be used to stimulates your partner. Be bright enough to use them".

Abah snapped this. Not bad!

We manage to have a chit chat with someone who sees her daily - the driver of course! She loves shopping - ehem, she's wearing LV from top to toe, kind hearted and loves her mother much. Last but not least, she ends the session with a recipe. Yes, u read it right. Her recipe of success :
Know more than others, Work smart than others and Expect less than others. I Loike!

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