Thursday, November 19, 2009

:: Ouch! ::

Ngee... ok i admit it. I do sometime use the word Sayang, Lalink (as in darling) for some people. Ok, please note - SOME. For some of you guys who i think can take it easy rather than expect something as in return - marry me, she gotta crush in me..bla bla bla. It just a word to replace awak, kamu, you.
Honestly, with my dearest (read : boyfriend) i don't fancy him to call me Sayang. As much as i like it, i prefer something else. Ngee...apa dia? Biarlah rahsia. My ex used to call me Ciki. Let it be my cheekyness (muahaha) or cuz im cute like Chicken Little (hahahahah!). But yeah, i like it. In fact, he still refer me by that name every now and then.

As for now, there's only one word can put a smile on my face. Yes, that one word. Thanks. Ngee!

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