Thursday, November 05, 2009

:: Tipah Kena Tipu ::

Why Men Cheat?
1. They can
2. They think they can get away with it

3. He hasn't become who he wants and needs to be or found who he truly wants

4. What's happening at home isn't 'happening' like it used to

and the biggest reason of all

There's always a woman out there willing to cheat with him!!! dah macam kes harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi dah ni. Camne ni? Lelaki dah sah2 la takleh nak caya 100%. Kawan2 sekaum pun sama gak ni. Apakah?
Buku kata lagi :

Men can cheat because there are so many women willing to give themselves to a man who doesnt belong to them. Yes, these are the women who have no standards and requirements and who suffer from serious self-esteem issues, making themselves willing to cheat and available to be cheated on. (sila rujuk muka surat 106, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man)

Tepuk dada, tanya selera. Mana pergi hala tuju masing2 ya. Saya harap saya sentiasa berpijak dibumi yang nyata. Still, tepuk sebelah tangan takleh bunyi kan? Cuma...kalau dia tepuk kat dinding? Camne? Bukan bunyi gak ke?



hisham said...

not every man like what u say...xspecially me...hehe..kite tkr link k

Unknown said...

ini more to remind me as a lady lah.

amik langkah berjaga2...camtu konsep. plus, this is taken from the book i read written by a man.


hisham said...

precautious tu pnting...tq dtg kt blog i...i dh add u dh,,,,tk cre

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