Tuesday, November 03, 2009

:: Badan Megan...Opss..Jeniffer ::

Haiyo.. was so excited (at first) to watch this movie. Not a big fan of Ms Fox thou, i just wanted to see the different side of her rather than that leather-mustang costume in a robotic fight - Transformer that is.

There goes my RM9 watching her latest movie directed by Karyn Kusama. Nothing much to be impressed of let it be the make up, the storyline, the line up...Ehem, except for Needy's bf - Chip..he's kinda cute lah!

If you are looking for a serious thriller muvee, this would dissapoint you in total. Seriously! But, if you come to the cinema for the sake to watch Megan..this would be it.Infact, the movie should be called Megan's Body instead of Jeniffer's Body. More direct i guess?

Anyway, its about how Jeniffer and Needy (Amanda Seyfried) who has befriend since kids. Until this one day, Jeniffer somehow has this addiction of killing people - the ppl from school to survive. She's involved with this 'black magic' done by bunch of guys who wants to become rich and famous rock band in US. Can u imagine? White ppl involve in this 'bomoh' kinda thing? Move on, things become uglier till Chip were killed. It's like a wake up call for Needy so she fight back. That's about it lah.
See, told ya! It's as simple as that. Kinda high skool-teen stuff. Watch it with no expectation EXCEPT to see how Megan seduce those ppl before she ate them alive. By doing that, u'll be fine. Trust me.


yaya|azura said...

citer nie mmg i takmo tgk kat panggung. hahaaaaa.... buang karen!

Unknown said...

mmg buang la...dah la apek sblh tu asyik masyuk menggatal ngan awek dia...siap zip seluar time nak kuar panggung.


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