Sunday, March 14, 2010

:: S.Y.B.M ::

I always believe that not everyone is born to be a star. For that, i am blessed to be one. The bright ones. As a star, you have to deal with fame. And off course, fame could cost you so much. Much more than what you can imagine. Trust me, this will never be easy for some. Again, thank you God for giving me the courage to walk my journey.

Being famous, you either be popular/likable by most people or end up being hated by those 'kepochi'. These refers to the sick, shallow minded, busy body and 'busuk hati' type of people. They love to dedicate their time just to pick and dig whatever they can find to get rid of you. Funny. They hate you but they love to tail your move, just like a dog. Exactly like a dog. Thou they are men best friends, they still tend to bite you once a while. That's what 'kepochi' does best.

Bare in mind, famous is to be earn not asked. Same goes to respect. That would best explain why the existence of some people are not being recognized by others. Simple - its not in their blood. No matter how hard they tried, be prepared for numbers of failures. Most end up waving the 'bendera putih'.

I cant stop you from being a green-eyed monster and envy me for the rest of your life. I am happy with my life and nothing can pull me down. Not when you make a stupid remarks over my picture or 'sok-sek-sok-sek' about why i am still single and not married. Also, not when you sarcastically smile and pretend to care for me.  Those just to proof how important i am in your life that you cant get through one day not having my name mentioned. Sorry, i can't be equal to you. 

My fame is to be shared among the good people who loves to have my presence around them. For those 'hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong', eat your heart out. As the title says 'Shut Your Bloody Mouth' and please keep your distance. I don't need a dog.



Kimi Kay MS said...

i strongly agree about everything u said... thumbs up, girl, thumbs up :)

Unknown said...

thank u darl.

as much as im trying to ignore this people, the more they wanna have a piece of me. ouch!

Entertaining? U wish! haha!

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