Tuesday, March 09, 2010

:: You Are Getting Married Soon. Really Soon ::

A man (one of my facilitator) walked by me and said...
"You are getting married soon. Really soon".

Being me, i go "WHAT?"

He continued "Yes, its going to happen soon. I can sense it. Too strong. Coming you way."

I smiled and said something like, "Its good to know. Funny still. I wonder who will that be and when."

Quick answer from him, "Kalau jodoh nak sampai, mesti sampai punya. Paling cepat bulan 6, latest by year end."

And i go..."Hahahah..yea rite!"

He said, "Told u what. Later u will meet me in June. U tell me whether it's true or not. So far, it is never a false alarm."

And now...i say, "Ya Allah, andai itu takdirku dan dialah jodohku...Kau tunjukkanlah."


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