Saturday, March 13, 2010

:: Hi, Lymphoma Here ::


"Dear, i've done with medical check up"
"Owh...what's the doc have to say?"

" this. Doc asked me to undergo operation. Something about lymphoma"
"Lymphoma? Whats that?"

"A lump or sumtin beneath my skin near the abdomen area"
"Does it hurt?"

"Not before. But yes, now. Doc refer me to another hospi."
"Eh...? Letter of Guarantee? U are suppose to be admitted by now"

" time. Bz. How could this happen to me. It can't be right? I'm panicking"
"'s not like you are giving birth or sumtin ait?"

Both laugh.

"Hey, i can always tell my boss that ! Boss, i am in operation theater giving birth to my lymphoma , ceaser!"
"Ahahaha.. that is a good one!"

A day after, this was found.

"Lymphoma is a cancer that begins in the lymphocytes of the immune system and presents as a solid tumor of lymphoid cells."

God must be teasing me. I should be happy, He choose me. Yeah. More can be found here.

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