Thursday, February 18, 2010

:: It's Gonna Be Out.... Soon ::

Gheeez...manage to see a familiar name?

(sila klik kalau tak nampak)

cK, u deserve a round of applause and a tap on you shoulder too. Oh wait! Should that includes two thumbs up? Miahahahaha... I can't help it la guys. I am so damned happy with the outcome. Been on this project since let say, November?

After round and round of tapisan from the boss (includes number of days he 'professionally' kiv the materials before proceed with the proof read), it's now ready to meet the reader for the first time.

That my dear, will be on the upcoming Monday, 22nd February when we have this event welcoming our new intake. Imagine, CEOs will be reading facilitator will be reading it...and yes, the Deputy Governor will get a chance to read it too! Woohoo!!!

One word "Good Job Adzra!".
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