Sunday, February 14, 2010

:: Hot - Me & The Weather ::

Dear Mr Weather, 

I have few questions for you. Here goes :

1. When will u sent Mr. Rain to do his visit?
We kinda miss him these days. In fact, the whole family miss him. That would include the flowers and chillies that my mom plant, and i guess my cats too. Not forgetting my neighbors, friends and their family too. Don't get me wrong. I am not asking him to take over Mr. Sunny's daily doing but at least they can rotate so that he can rest.

2. Are Mr. Sunny scheduled to be on duty for long? 
If so, would he requires to be on his maximum performance? Wonder if he can show us some of his skills, not all. The flower pot seems cant take it well. They'll dry. My friend and I cant stand it either, we sweat a lot. We have to wear either a bright colors of clothes or something made of light materials which can be transparent sometime. It will turn on some guys to see us in that fleshy outfit. We don't wanna do that, didn't we?

3. Can u as well ask Mr. Cloudy to visit us some time?
It's been a while since his last visit. If u sent him over, i might as well get a chance to jog. And maybe, i can meet some hot hunk along the way.  And if that's happen, and we finally be together...i don't really care who you will arranged to come and visit us. I can always be naked take off my clothes and my hubby wont mind. Until that happen, please consider my request.

Last but not least, i really need you to understand that HOT refers to either me OR the weather. It cant be both.

Thank you for your time.

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