Monday, July 20, 2009

:: Mommy To Be ::

Hi! Me name is Nur Jannah Aqilah.
My family call me Jannah, so does Mama-lah
She is Sis Adzra's mom should you need to know
The kind hearted person i've ever known

This evening was the first time Sis Adzra met me.
She looks so thrill to play with me
Bro Daniel and Along makes us all three
Sat together in front the Teevee

Whenever i made my best move
Sis Adzra will point a stylish silver thing to me
Surprise! Surprise! It comes with flash too
Heard she said something bout FB

She keep on blinks the silver thing
Makes me feel a bit pening
I just have no idea what is it for.
I hope she get the best shots lor!

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