Monday, March 07, 2011

:: Doncha Mess With Momma ::

Today's lesson : Tentative Booking
A tentative reservation is one that needs to be confirmed before it is final.

Does it mean final? NO.
Does it mean confirmed? NO

So, tell me what does these mean?

Lil missy, are you lost or something? Firstly, you asked for my confirmation. Have to answer that very first question and you are now seeking for payment? On what basis? So, i decided to reply in the polite manner as possible. Here goes:

Thought it will end there. To my surprise, lil-miss-bitchy-wannabe-replied me:

Fine. That's it. You wanna play a game with me? You wanna mess with Momma? Careful what you wish for, cuz you might just get it all bebeh. Hambik ko!

I failed to sense any customer service practice been put in place anywhere in the conversation. Practice aside, check out the grammar. Is this how a front-liner of a big name in the industry should response to a customer? Seriously, that's how you treat a customer? I wonder how does she talks to them. I don't mind the languange tunggang langgang but i do mind the attitude. She is rude. No manner. And i personally think she deserve to receive that cynical email with her boss in the loop. She started it, and i just want to end it. My way.

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