Wednesday, March 16, 2011

:: Crying for Help ::

It's not easy to admit how incapable you are and to ask for help from another person. Having said, a help or favor from a complete stranger will either make your day or break your egos. God knows how it feels when you are walking proud with your new glamorous black with a dazzle of diamond lookalike Charles & Keith stilettos you bought at no discounted price and to find it stuck in the 2 inches deep hole on the pavement. To make more interesting, you try hard to take it out and succeed with the heels left in the hole. You almost fall and that's when a mat salleh with Brian Green's look come and help you out. Oh sweet! You can almost feel like floating and do not hesitate to thank him. That my friend, can really make your day.

But what if one day when you are driving your Lancer's twin car (read : Inspira) and starts to ram it like mad while stopping at the red light and you purposely give that one-eyebrow-raise-smile to the Kancil next to you to find the engine suddenly stop. The light turn green but you are not moving and people start honking. Then you realize the machine has ran out of gas. Great. 

The Kancil has make its way through and you are still there with a big question marks on your face (read : Why Today?). It was then you saw that lil Kancil pull over and the driver walk to you and ask should you need any assistance. You nod and nod again but with silent remain. Wouldn't it be embarrassing? Ego so big and now it makes you feel like a freak. 

Enough said. Being a human especially a lady myself, I have to admit that i am crying for help. Seriously. It has been so long before I finally decided to let go of my ego so that others can lead me. I am praying so hard that this will be an eye opener for me so that i can move on with my life happily.

Would you help me please?

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