Sunday, April 17, 2011

:: When East Meet the West End Stars in Concert ::

It all begin with this :

I quickly hit the compose button on my Gmail account and type something. I don't want it to be sound to 'kipas' or sucking up kinda thing. I just want to be honest. As sincere as i could be. So my reply goes as below:

Hola Enfiniti team,

Here we goes...

What are the titles of the 2 stage musicals produced by Enfiniti?
a) P.Ramlee the Musical
b) Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical

I WANT to be at West End Stars in Concert because i am broke and cant afford to be at bruno, rain, bieber or maroon5. Show me some mercy!

Dekdek said that i would never stand a chance to get anything from that 'effortless' and 'gedik' response i sent to the Enfiniti team. I have to agree with her until my mobile rang somewhere at 3pm on Thursday from Enfiniti's Office! Weehoo! Got two tix for the night itself - the media night. Shuweettt!

Still, the weather decided to go against me when the day rain heavily and i was trapped in a massive MRR2 traffic not to mention the flood. Gosh! There goes my chance to see three hot hunks on stage and our very own song bird, Jaclyn Victor. No, this is ain't right. Grab my phone and I have to thank Twitter for this. I twitted DS Tiara herself and also her most loyal employee, Chedd. Did i said, i manage to text Pat Ibrahim too? Sounds so desperate, isn't it? Don't care. All i'm asking is to have my winning tix be rescheduled for Friday.

Alhamdulillah. Got another call from Enfiniti's office after Friday prayer, saying that i can watch the performance on Friday's nite. But only ONE tix made available for me. No problem. I won't be alone. I will be surrounded by a bunch of people who appreciate the musical, the commercial theater - the West End way.

As i was collecting my tix, i am nearly fainted to see : First - the cost, Second - the seating. I am feeling so cloud nine already. Fyi, the tickets are available at RM80, RM130, RM200, RM300, RM350, RM400, RM480 and RM1,000. Patrons who purchase the RM1,000 tickets will be able to participate in a special session to meet the artists plus exclusive gifts complete with autographs. And my tix is worth :

Ho ho ho! Second mahal after the 1k tix. Kidding me? What good have i done in my life that DS and her team are being so nice awarding the tix to her fans, read : ME. Doncha wish to be me? I mean seriously? Exaggerate...Haha. Another good reason for feeling like Blair Waldorf for a moment are seeing the Datuk, Datin and celebrities including the soprano vocal power Ning Baizura. 

Ok. Serious now. The West End Stars namely Ramin Karimloo (Phantom of the Opera), Simon Bailey (Les Miserables) and no-stranger our Merong, Stephen Hughes Rahman (Bombay Dreams) took the stage with few numbers which is close to our heart including Memory (Cats Musical), I Dreamed a Dream (remember Susan Boyle?), Defying Gravity (Wicked / Glee), Something's Coming (West Side Story) and A Song for You (Carpenters / Michael Buble). The performance were also featuring a choreograph by Suhaili Machelin and Pat Ibrahim. Not to forget Lee Sze Wan, the brilliant musical director. 

Learning from his experiences as Hang Tuah, Stephen sang Di Puncak Tertinggi, the original score from Puteri Gunung Leadang the Musical with Jaclyn Victor. He also sang his first Malay single (yet to be released) which i cant recalled the exact title due to 'leleh' hearing how cute he said "Alamak! Nasi Lemak!" when he stumbled. It would probably called 'Hingga ke Pintu Syurga'. (Tiara / Chedd if you are reading this, do correct me yeah?).

Jac do us proud singing Phantom of the Opera's - All I Ask of You (with the three hot hunks) and West Side Story's - Somewhere. I get goosebumps hearing almost all of the numbers performed that night. Luarbiasa! The crowd gone wild when the boys sang the Queen's Medley - We Will Rock You, We Are the Champion and Bohemian Rhapsody. I'm a Faizal Tahir's fan but seriously the boys rendition of the medley was way superb! Sorry Faizal, i have to tell the truth. 
When the light turn off, the crowd (including me) were shouting "We want more! We want more!". Imagine a bunch of people with dress code : decent, black tie, were shouting as if we were in the stadium watching Adam Lambert. The boys and girl made a comeback and surprise the audience singing the ultimate Search's hits - Fantasia Bulan Madu. Histeria weih! Salute! Tabik! 

I am glad that I managed to personally went up to DS Tiara and thanked her kindness and consideration. It was my bad for not be able to catch Chedd but a few twit and FB message will hopefully reach him and made him understand how grateful i am to be given the chance to be a part of a great production. And it was more meaningful when DS Tiara permit the audience to do whatever we want to be it singing, dancing, picture snapping, video recording. Awesome! 

Looking forward for another piece from TJ and team. I don't have eye popping pictures to share, but i leave you guys with these 'orgasms' performance. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

:) TQ - chedd

Unknown said...

You are most welcome, Chedd.
All the best for ENACT.

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