Monday, April 04, 2011

:: When A Picture Sharing Site Looking Like a Porn Related Page ::

I've been doing my observation for quite sometime now. Not once, nor twice. I've been uploading a total of 134 pictures to this one site that can be accessed via twitter. No, i wont be sharing the name for a simple reason that i don't want to get sued for saying all these. I might be outspoken but i am not that dumb to burn my pocket just to pay some strangers who have made million? billion than i do.

Here's the story. I am disturbed by a few avatar / image or whatever that you may called it that seems to appear  in that particular page. Is there anyone out there that can explain to me in a very simple English or Malay to the fact why does below image has to be there at all time :

See that? Do any of you get horny when you upload your picture to the net? Would that kind of image / ads turn you on? Why cant they put an apple? Pizza? Or maybe doughnut to fill that empty space? Is that necessary to have such image? Sometime, it gets worst than that. A half-naked man and women holding each other with that half-open eyes and hopeless look. Like seriously why?!!!

Each time Daniel come to look at my screen i have to just tab it to something else. I am not pleased to answer any of his intelligent questions in regards to that disturbing picture. A big no. Plus, a kid shouldn't be exposed with that kind of info at a very early age. The bird the bees and where do baby come from kind of questions is a big capital NO for a 9 years old boy. 

So, please be sensitive will ya? Put up something else rather than that sexual driven image you had so far. I'm saying this again n again, it just not healthy for the mind..if you don't mind.


yaya|azura said...

yaaa... i also noticed that particular image. Over nyah!

Unknown said...

if not mistaken, bila bukak email gmail pon ada menatang tu. like watdehek?

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