Tuesday, September 14, 2010

:: Saya Bantah Yang Arif! ::

I hate to start my day with a unwanted lecture or should i say "Pukul anak, Sindir menantu" kinda thing. Double hates when i have to listen to it at the exact moment for me to enjoy my foodies. A big NO. Do not by any chance scold me, nag me, even shout at me when I am having my meals. Never ever. 

And please, do not waste my time with your lame statements as below:

"When you are in a company, do not comment or complaint".
I read : Wrong. Doesn't stand up for your rights ring a bell? For those who got nutin to say in how a company is running its business its due to 2 things - The Company is super duper excellent OR the employee are too lazy to think for the Company. If I am a Boss, i don't want to have a Yes Man / Woman to be by my side. being supportive is not the same as sucking up the ass above you. Period.
"You may think you have a good idea, but people might not like it".
I read :  Does it PEOPLE or YOU? Say something about it. Don't just say No but suggest something else which is better. Most people love to argue about everything but refuse to offer solution or option. Those are the kind of people who are lack of motivation and certainly not a career driven type of person. Always remember, work and career are two different things. 
"My office hour starts at 8.45" with a smirk on your face.
I read : How great! What a perfect example for the staff. But wait...Starting the day (or work) at 8.45am(as u claimed) does not entitle you to have lunch at 12.45pm (when it suppose to be 1.00pm) and yes, it does not granted you with the extra 10 minutes to wrap up  your makan-makan at 2.10pm. Sad!

 Nasib baiklah sesetengah orang itu tua pada umurnya. Suka atau tidak, masih ada rasa sekelumit hormat untuk tidak menjatuhkan maruahnya di khalayak umum. Pun begitu, sabar setiap insan ada batasannya. Eloklah tidak bertentang mata daripada asyik nak bersengketa. Dan kerana umur juga la, cK lebih rilek sekarang ni.

Baru sudah Ramadhan berlalu, dah mula nak buat cK berbulu. Memang magiklah dia boleh tahan nafsu berkata perkara2 nista selama sebulan sebelum dia sambung habit lama. Cakap depan2, kan senang. Setel semua benda. Ini tak, nak membebel time orang nak menghadap rezeki. Nasiblah tak putus selera. Nasib juga la cK ingat yang makanan tu cK beli ngan duit belen gaji so, tak boleh nak bazir suka2 hati.

Nak bagi nasihat percuma? Maaf, saya akan minta bila perlu. Dan kamu, bukanlah orang yang pertama saya akan jumpa untuk mengadu  dan bercerita. Try harder to be in my life. But i am proud to tell you that, u will never come close to it. Sorry. Do not cross the line.

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