Sunday, January 02, 2011

:: Two O One One ::

Hip hip hooray! Its a new cycle. God bless that we now have another chance to make things right. Two O Ten was filled with loads of fun and experience. Unplanned traveling series all over the country, new colleagues and boss in new office, new family members ahhh...there's so much to tell and i prefer to keep things low profile. Looking back, i won't change a single thing about it. I'm happy to live the years my way. Thank you the Almighty for the strength given. I owe You!

As for this year, i have numbers of things running thru my head now yet to decide which to launch first. Yeah, i kinda have this obsession to do the 'first' of something. Among last year's first includes the first bus ride with Transnasional, solo plane ride, the attempt of thug-o-war during co's family day which caused me pain for the whole week, a visit to Umbai just for the sake of having Ikan Bakar - to name a few. Think i will have to tag my entry for 2011 with something like 'my first' in order to help me remember my achievement for that particular year. Yes, i should.

I have no specific new year's resolution as most people normally do. Seriously, i find those will be too good to be true and it is so easy to break it than to make it. How many of us have either to loose weight or quit smoking on their list and end up having the same next year? You must me smiling and nodding by now.  I rest my case.

For me, it just hope 2011 will bring more adventure, bolder, wiser, healthier and sexier. I can sense that it is also a good year to have someone by my side - a gentleman. Wishing you all the best for this year and let's do this!


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