Friday, January 21, 2011

:: My Child Fruit ::

Yes, the title is somehow broken. Just take it as another noun in your Manglish dictionary. Similar to fruit heart, child fruit does not refer to fruit at all. It was purely a direct conversion of Malay word 'anak buah'. It's me who loves to exaggerate things and make it sounds complicated and require an in depth understanding with unnecessary term (as some of you refer to). I just want to be unique, different. That's all.

Meet my first fruit child - Allia Atilia Balqisha binti Muzzaffar Shah. I better jot it down somewhere before i completely forget about it. It's long, i know. Seems like its a trend now to have babies name in three words. Come to think about it, Dekdek too has a long name spelled Amirah Iqlima Balqis and even Daniel, Muhammad Amirul Daniel. A few other friends' babies were having a long name too. It just running wild and like fashion, it will soon back to the era of one word-name as in Ali, Abu, Mariamah and so on. Let just be ok with it.

I am officially an auntie and shall be known as Mak Long now. Mind you, i am still in search of another funky , cool title to fit my new role in the family. Should i just follow the Indo fam by having Tante as the title - Tante Ra. Hurm...sounds odd when you say it repetitively. Auntie Ra? Mummy Ra? Not that i'm denying the fact, but  I don't want it to sound so 'makcik'. Help me if you have one, please.

Allia have yet to reach the age of 1month and weighted  2.2kg when born  which  then been advised by  the doctor to be monitored in the incubator with extra amount of O2 supplies. She is showing a good progress on her growth and that's a relief to all. She is not that cry baby type i must say. She cried for only 3 reasons so far - to feed her, to clean her poo and to change her diapers when she pee a lot. Good girl.

Apart of baby siting her when she's around, I have bigger mission with huge responsibilities you can ever imagine which i have yet to figure my way to get it done  - to find her uncle. Haha! God bless, amin.

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