Monday, April 05, 2010

:: The Therapy, My Way ::

What if your day was in a total mess and your boss seems like didn't care at all?

What if you miss someone so badly and feels sick just to hear the name being mentioned?

What if you keep hearing 'third voice' all day and your brain starts to pick some image of certain things which triggers your desire?

What if your partner in work resigned and you have to absorb everything in just one night?

A cry for help, tears of hope.

Sit back, relax.

Sometime pills does not makes you feel better, but you can try any of these :

A. Spend time with people who loves you (or hate you once a while)

B. Buy yourself a set of Delifrance - Gratin Set of Creole Chicken serves with Soup of the Day, Sweet Pudding and yes, drinks included. All for RM16.90 ++.

C. Indulge your taste buds with creamy vanilla ice cream topped with fruit cocktails and natta de'coco.

D. If you consider yourself a lady who needs to be pampered with a good move, go and buy shoe/s.

Nice eh? Well...those works fine on me. Feel free to experienced it yourself. Hiks!

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