Tuesday, April 20, 2010

:: Are You Smarter Than The 5th Grader? ::

I know Mathematics can be so hard to be figured out. Most of us are satisfied should they be able to solve a simple math problem. You are consider ok if you know how to subtract, plus - that basic. You are awesome if you can calculate the percentage, deal with decimal points and those formulas.

In most time, we do rely on our best fren, the calculator to solve the calculation. After all, that's the reason it been invented, isn't it?

Allow me, my dear friend to test your skills and understanding in Math with few situations and we shall see which category would you belong to. The average Jane / Joe, Below The 5th Grader or you are proven smarter than the 5th Grader.

Situation 1

I have 6 classes running at the same time comprising two different modules which been divided fairly between both module A and module B. Should i re-group my module A group of people to two large groups, what would be the total number of classes running for the day?

Your answer : ______________

Situation 2

I am paying a total sum of RM1K to my lecturer for each Algebra session which runs every Friday for the period of 5 months with 5 recurrence. Assuming I have 5 lecturers taking 5 classes every week and one month is equal to 4 weeks, calculate :

1. Total payout to my lecturers for a month.
2. Total payout for the whole course period. 
Your answer : ______________

Situation 3

A faulty projector unit from Room X were replaced with the unit taken from Room Y which is still well functioned. Question : 

Will these action affect your Fixed Asset entry and resulted a non-tally numbers to the mentioned ?

Your answer : ______________

Situation 4

Polo shirt = 20% discount
Jeans = 20% discount
Sexy leather jacket = 20% discount
Cute top = 20% discount
Leopard print legging = 20% discount

What is the total discount of all the above?

Your answer : ______________

Are your ready for the real deal? Please note that the same set of questions have been given to a reputable (claimed to be) ACCA holder. Here comes the answer :


Experts answer : 2

Did you get the same answer as the experts does? You don't? Seriously?! Relax! If you do, please help your self by buying an exercise books meant for Standard 1&2.

The correct answer would be 5. Why? Thou I have re-group Group A from 3 classes to 2 classes, i still have my Group B of 3 classes running at the same time. So, the Math will be 2 + 3 = 5.

Situation 2

Experts answer : 5k for one month, 20k for 5 months, 100k for 5 recurrence

Geez...The calculation must be broken. Lets do the Math people...

Total number of lecturers per week : 5
Total payout per person : RM1k
Total payout per week for all = RM1k x 5 lecturers = RM5k
Total payout per month = RM5k x 4 weeks = RM20k
Total payout for 5 months = RM20k x 5 months = RM 100k
Total payout for 5 recurrence = RM100k x 5 = RM500k

Did you manage to get that right? Congratulations. You may now call yourself a match expert.

Situation 3

Experts answer : Definitely! Sure lari. Tak tally lagi!

The truth and logic : Says who? It doesn't matter. If its broken, spoiled..get it fix. Don't just sit and look. You will never achieve anything by waiting.

Situation 4

Experts answer : 100%. Its free.

The truth and logic : Hell NO! Total up everything and you will be given 20% discount on the total purchase. That's all you can get. NO such things as FREE.

So, whats your score? Did your get ALL right? If you didn't, don't feel bad. You are just as smart as the ACCA peeps. Make me wonder, why need ACCA when you, the ordinary chap can calculate as efficient and accurate like them.

Still, if you do get all answers correctly, congratulations! You are the real deal. For this, i salute u.

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