Monday, April 12, 2010

:: Good Future Vs. Good Number ::

When you said "Yes, its renewable with the same terms and condition".
I heard "Yes, please update your resume and be else where"

Its as simple as that. Good future comes with good numbers too. If i failed to see that coming in any near future, i cant see how you, me or us comes in picture. 

I treasure each and every moment i had. Still every journey should lead us somewhere. Somewhere where you can enjoy and believe that you can stay for a longer period of time instead of being an underpaid multi-tasker (read: professional slave) for nothing. 

I got nothing to hide. I've told you what need to be told. And it's not the first time. Yes, i am serious. I got nutin to loose, but you....You just need to do the right move.

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