Monday, April 05, 2010

:: Shoe Attack ::

Venue : Hall 4, Putra World Trade Centre
Mission : Malaysia International Shoe Exhibition 2010

Normal lady will go gugu gaga over heels, stilettos, wedges, gladiator, pump, peak toes or should simplify = SHOES. Being normal, i spent my weekend 'pusing-pusing' the exhibition hall  to see whats so special about this event despite the fact, it is the first of its kind.

Below are my personal finding and thoughts. Do not take it too seriously as it was not meant to offend anyone, the designer included.

A. The Torn Among Roses.

Untuk sesiapa yang kerja malam, dan sering pulang lewat. This is a perfect choice for you, lady. Dengan sekali sepakan, bayangkan betapa seriusnya injury yang bakal terjadi. You can choose to kick him at his butt, face or maybe sumwhere more private.

B. Against Fur but Feather Supporter

People are making so much noise when you wear fur. Kejam la, takde hati perut and stuff. Now, you have option. Opt for feather. You can have it in yellow, red, blue - you name it. The most common one would be black i guess? C'mon, crow is everywhere right?

C. Clueless With Money

Shoes can be luxury. For such amount, most people will buy a house/condo (where they can live or maybe rent it) or a car (so that they can drive and let others envy them)..or maybe a man could possibly spent it to their ex-wife as for divorce settlement. But you, you go for style. And you are not just anybody. Might be somebody's wifey (the multi-billionaire) or the mistress, never single. Still, we can never tell.

Or maybe this one? Anyone?

D. A girl Trapped in A Woman's Body


Kimi Kay MS said...

gile ah kasut yg first & RM300K tu... tapi i like!

Unknown said...

mahai kalau beli keta mahal2 leh gak tunjuk drive keliling...

ni kasut mahai2 nak pakai pon seram...takut patah tumit ke apa...

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