Friday, December 04, 2009

:: When Everything Become So F*cked Up ::

Hey look! What's dat?

Yeah. When everything seems so fuck*ed up, all u gotta do is to head to the nearest mall and starts to Shoe shop. Trust me, it does makes u feel loads more better. Managed to get two pair of shoes with a good bargain. Thank you, Vincci.
A psychopath - after her theraphy session

Presenting - The Winter Fairy, a 2.5" pair of heels with a touch of femine with its layers of satin and velvet finishing, plus a cute not of button at each side. Will be paired nicely with kurung and kebaya. Kinda love at first sight for me when i saw them @ Alamanda, the day Toti's become Mrs Yeo. Wanted to get it in black but i think my second shoe (which in black) looks way more nicer.

Announcing the arrival of - The Black Devil, a 2.5" pair of heels with a sleek finishing of quilt-look-a-like. Will look drop dead gorgeous with a designer's office wear - all black. This is reserved for the upcoming event - the day i'll meet up with Ybhg. Tan Sri' Dato Azman Hashim.

But that's not all, peeps. I have my eye glued to two pairs of Charles & Keith heels. A bronze colour of 3" peek toe with a dazzle of diamonte and a strappy 2.5" in torqouise. I shall take you home, soon. I promised!

*evil grin*


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