Sunday, December 20, 2009

:: Save Me, Please! ::

Nearly fainted.

I'm losing my breath.

Can't be there any longer.

Should i just scream out loud?

"Somebody save me pleeeaassseeee!!!!"

Ok ok. Admit, it kinda too much. But that's exactly how i felt that day. Let me share with you the fear i faced couple days back. Hurm..How should i describe it? Ok, try this. Have you ever feel uneasy with the presence of someone? Well, to be exact its more like annoying just to have them arround you.

Then, there's come the talking part. When you listen to every lil thing he/she said, it just add on to your boredness.Everything seems so wrong. They don't have to talk that loud. They don't have to scream. Or even laugh like mad for something which you find no-so-funny or maybe not-funny-at-all. But yeah, they did all that.

What's worst is when you can do nothing about it cuz you are the minority. The least you can do is to put on your poker face, fake smile, false reaction and yea not forgeting the over-excited tone just to match the whole 'made-up' character.

There goes the 'superficial' side of me. Come to think about it, i didn't know this people much that i need to care bout their feelings should i choose to just ignore them. Still, apart from being too practical..i guess emotional plays an important roles too. You just cant wipe out a bunch of loosers - just like that. You'll end up having a plain, boring days.

Let them be around for a while just for the sake to entertain your day. After all, you don't have to be them. Few rounds of practises will boost your imunity to those alien. They'll be the pain in the ass, but hey..always keep your back covered then!

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