Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why Do You Have To Lie?

Why Do U Have To Lie?magnify
These few days, sumone told me how heartbroken he was as he was breaking off with his girlfriend. As usual, stuff like "I cant live without her", " I love her with all my heart", "How could this happen to me" ...and so on popped up. C'mon, we are human. Only God knows why. Everything happen for a reason. It just the end of ur love-hate relation, not the end of the world. Seriously, I am sick and tired listening to his nag about how the girl lied, give him remarks, call him names and stuff. Yet, and the end of the day...He will still be with the girl.

As he mentioned, money was not an issue. The girl was still studying and the guy is working. Therefore he will so-called be the banker even though his financial does not allowed him to be one. Why on earth you have to borrow money from friend just to be out on a date with your so-called girlfriend. You should know wat do's and don't in a relation. Come clean with your partner. Being a woman, we always demand things. Its you as a man, to actually take charge and control the situation. I'm asking you to be stingy but hey, u know well what's left in your bank as well as in your wallet. Stop giving out too much when you cant afford it!

As for my case, i've lent this boy some amount of money. I dare not to give him the full amount requested. He's not a good paymaster and it has happen more than one occasion. Not being to harsh on him, i've decided to give him only 1/3 from the amount he requested. It come to my knowledge that he went up to Cameron to settle down. To calm down, relax due to the break up. But yet, according to other party, whom close to him...He actually went there with the GF! Duhhh!!! You are going for a holiday with your gal when actually you didn't have the budget to do so! Worst still, u lied to me!

After few days of sickening stories bout the break up, lost hope...Recent news said that he is back with the gal. The one that he talk bad about. Duuuh...Never gonna happen for me to lend you anything. I did confront him and mentioned, " Hey, I don't have time to hear anything bout you or your gal plus your love problem anymore. You asked for it, you choose to be with her. Settle it your own next time"

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