Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kecik2 Dah Pandai Eh Ko?

This evening, I went down to PJ for the sake of getting few documents from the Company Secretary's office. Then, I was suppose to go to TM to submit the requested forms as well as to sent premiums to the client. Due to heavy flow of traffic, I only manage to reached PJ somewhere around 5 pm. Took me almost an hour to get there from the office - way more longer than the usual.

Have a thought that it will be more hectic situation of jam, decided to take the TTDI's road which shall lead to LDP, means I will be passing by Kepong in order to reach home. It's not the journey that I wanted to share with. I'm pretty sure lots of you out there will be more familiar with the routes, rite?

It was 6 pm ++ when I noticed a van packed with students (from a school in TTDI, I guess). The van should be sending them home, straightaway. Suddenly, my eyes spotted something which should not be happening. A boy was sitting at the back of the van. I think, the most he can be is somewhere around 14 or 15 years old - means Form 2 or 3. Guess what? He was smoking freely (like no one business) and the van's driver just don't seem like he cares. C'mon, gimme a break! The boy was too young to get involve with such. Does he not aware of what he'll be facing? It all began with a sniff from cigar then you'll move on to others and mite end up being an addict, alcoholic or even worst-womanizer!Type of youngsters which used to be called as "Pailang". Being a boy raised in such area (I must say that TTDI is one of the hi-end area), pitty for him to take things for granted.

These kids needs to be brainwash, seriously. Community needs to play their parts as well. I'm not saying that you have to be a busy body to get things rite but something has to start somewhere. It mite not be your problem now, but soon enough it mite be yours when it will somehow involve you or maybe person whom are close to you. We never know what will happen in future, still we can do something now to prevent things from getting worst. It's about time to really practice our humanity for a good cause!

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