Thursday, April 24, 2008

Indah Water, Indah Khabar dari Rupe

Dem!!!Ni pehal lak Company cek (ekceli owner org lain, cek nih kuli je) dapat lagi surat peguam ni. Second demand? Hotak dea! Due bulan suda pon dapat gak demand notis nih..Dah cek gegorkan minah kat law firm tu terkedu2 menjawab. Dah cek explain yang patut settle the bills was our landlord not us. Cewahh, ngan begitu jujur ikhlas niat memperbetulkan keadaan minah tuh pon apologize banyak2 then suh ignore the notis.

For two month I thot the issue has been settled. It was then when i received the second demand notis! Mula la rase cam nk mencarut! Decided to clean up the shit (wasn't that wat IWK all about?), I rang the minah. From 9.30 am till 3pm i didn't manage to talk to her - "Cik Mira sebok sangat. Ape bole saya bantu?". Silap besar la cek nk repeat cerita berulang-ulang kali. Ingat aku nih mesin perakam? so my reply was " Pls make sure Cik Mira return my call or else I have to head there just for the sake to get this annoying case settled".

30 minutes after that, the lady finally return my call and this is how it goes :

Mira : Yes, Cik Adzra. What can i do for you?

Me: It tooks almost a day to get u to return my call.

Mira : Sorry. Wats the issue ?( wah wahhh)

Me : I've received a 2nd demand notice today for account number &*!@#$%%^. I remembered spoken to you few month back when I received the first notice and you've advised me to ignore it. So, whats with the 2n demand?

Mira : Me?Was it me? For real? Nvm..According to my record, we have called your landlord Mr T to settle the bills and it has come to agreement he will do so in 2 weeks time. Therefore we have sent the updates n file back to IWK. Out of nowhere, IWK has rejected the file n returned the whole thing to us. Coz he failed to settle, we issue out the 2nd notice to u.

Me : But i've told you that the landlord - Mr T should bare the cost.

Mira : Was it stated in your tenancy agreement ( SHIT!! Who are u to ask such ques?)

Me : Yes!!! It is clearly stated there!

Mira : But your landlord dunwan to settle the bills.

Me: Chase him!

Mira : But you should be able to settle the bills.

Me : We dun have to settle it as it was the responsibilities of the landlord. As for your inefficiency to get him to settle the outstanding has nutin to do with my Company.

Mira : He thing is he failed to settle the o/s!

Me : Not my issue! Call him, fax him the reminder, visit him. Go beyond to settle your issues. My Company will not pay for it. Never. U go n get him to pay. It is disturbing to have such reminder / notice of demand whereby I should not be getting it at first place!

Mira : Fine!

hang up!

p/s : Modo punya pompuan!!!!Aku lak saman law firm ko kang!


Sw337un73j4 said...

hehe..mare jgn tak maree..mengong kot hitu wanita..kasik sekeh sket adzra!

Unknown said...

rase nk g bom jek!nasib la kite nih solehah..huhuuh!

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