Thursday, November 25, 2010

:: That, Is Ugly ::

I might just about to hang myself for writing this entry. Yea, i sure did. But somehow my frustration has taking a huge control over my fear of being the un-popular girl for voicing my concern and things which has bothered me for quite sometime now. 

In most of the personal development courses conducted by professionals to boost  your self esteemed, we were told to be proud of who we are instead of what we are. These lines should sound familiar to you - You should be proud of yourself. Learn to love yourself and others will love you! Even Christina once sing something like this "You are beautiful no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down". Agree?

How many of us especially ladies understand those lines completely? It is sure a great accomplishment when you can overcome your fear or uncertainty and be confident in what you are working with. Those are meant for your inner beauty. I repeat - INNER. Reality check, your physical appearance would be the highlight to anyone's eye to define the level of beauty you are in. Some will appear to be cute, most goes to average-OK looks, little were defined as hot and along the line there are some appear to be sexy.

Sexy can be very subjective. Some may find wearing a mini skirt is sexy. Other may have the impression that putting on anything with leopard print is sexy. Having said, in most of the time sexy is measure by how much skin you are willing to broadcast to your viewer. But honestly, that doesn't work on me. When you reveal too much at a time, i just lost the thrill of wanting more and my wild imagination will be dead. Gone. Stop.

And in some situation it just kill my mood to see a plump lady wearing 2 sizes small from what she should resulting the unpleasant view and the feeling of suffocation. Then, you'll be worry and cautious  that  her button will suddenly pop out and hit your face or whether her tight legging will be rip off and exposing he big bum and you just have to witness that? 

But what will all of that compare to one plus size apple lady wearing low neck blouse just to show off her acne, pimples and maybe birthmarks on her wide bare chest? Ok too much. She cant do much with the birthmarks. Still...what's with the rest of her marks she got? Wearing a short skirt (remember - 2 sizes smaller) just to see the unrecognized 'world map' also known as 'panau' on her hip, tight or wherever. Yet they claimed that sexy? Gosh!

Didn't these people ever has a chance to once a while take a look on the mirror? I love each and every element of woman's body. Its like a living art. Unique and sensual. One of God's great creation who can blew your mind admiring them even just by looking at a glance. 

Seriously, I have no issues of you being sexy as long as its not ugly. And remember, there's no ugly lady in this world except for one who is too lazy to find a right size for her outfit. So girls, please don't be one unless you are not human and have no feeling of being guilty for filling up the world with horrendous looks. We love to see some skin, but not your cellulite please.

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