Tuesday, October 05, 2010

:: Makan. Doa. Cinta ::

"You have been to hell, Ketut?"
He smiled. Of course he's been there.
What's it like in hell?"
Same like in heaven," he said.
He saw my confusion and tried to explain. "Universe is a circle, Liss."
He said. "To up, to down -- all same, at end."
I remembered an old Christian mystic notion: As above, so below.
I asked. "Then how can you tell the difference between heaven and hell?"
Because of how you go. Heaven, you go up, through seven happy places. Hell, you go down, through seven sad places. This is why it better for you to go up, Liss." He laughed.
Same-same," he said. "Same in end, so better to be happy in journey."
I said, "So, if heaven is love, then hell is.. "
Love, too," he said.
Ketut laughed again, "Always so difficult for young people to understand this!"

Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love

cK bukanlah peminat tegar filem-filem cinta yang ditayangkan di pawagam. Namun, harus diakui yang cK menangis bila menonton Titanic, Armageddon, Cinta dan Sepi. Tak kisah berapa kali tengok pun, sure rebeh air mata. Panggillah apa pun, hati jeli ke...hati kuntum ke..apa saja...cK terima. But please remember ye, NOT every lovey-dovey movie can make me cry a river ok. Not something like Maria Mariana or not even Sembilu. So, please people. Hiks.

So, recently cK pergi ke menonton Eat.Pray.Love (now on EPL) kat TGV, Wangsa Walk nun. Julia Robert bukanlah seorang pelakon wanita kegilaan cK but damned she's good. Ok unfair nak puji dia sorang. First thing first, the story itself memang best. Again, please remember people that is my personal view so kalau korang jenis hati batu, sorry can't help.

It is adapted from a novel written by Elizabeth Gilbert who's unhappy with her marriage. Decided to divorce and travel to Italy - for the food, India - stayed in the ashram to make peace with God and Bali - to find herself fall in love once again. Seriously, for those yang pernah bercinta dengan sepenuh hati will find that they can totally relates to this movie. And please people, kalau sesiapa rasa nak tengok hot chick sexy-mexy sampai terjojol mata, meleleh air liur ...nope. Tidak ada sama sekali. The most u can get is by using your mind to translate a line saying "You, American girl always come to Italy for two reasons. The Pasta and the Sausage".

Its a sweet, emotional kinda story. You'll be surprised to see Christine Hakim - a well-known Indonesian actress as one of the cast in the movie and Ketut will definitely make you smile when he come up with this "You need to learn to smile with your face, your mind and your liver". Get it? Orang selalu refer soal cinta ni dengan Heart...whereby heart is translated as Jantung. So, liver refer to hati. Bravo Ketut! Its Ketut not Kentut ok. And yes, korang boleh belajar a word or two of Italian - "Il bel far niente." yang membawa maksud "the beauty of doing nothing."

Think i have to have another round of this as i missed few minutes at the starting point. But, i have decided that this shall be a perfect gift for my upcoming birthday. I have made my reservation and i'm gonna collect it this evening. Which mean, u'll see me reading in the train tomorrow. How's that?!


Mrs Jaja said...

best ke cite ni ck?

Unknown said...

saya suka. slow tp mendalam. i can relate la...org lain mungkin tak.


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