Sunday, June 13, 2010

:: Things ( about you ) That Drives Me Crazy ::

Its been like a week or two with you and i failed to understand some of your lines. Are we not speaking on a same tune here?

1. "Aku je boleh gile kuasa. Kau jangan nak perasan". 
I think you are being paranoid for saying so. Yeah right! We are not in a war or 'rampasan kuasa' that u have come with such statement. Don't tell me you feel threaten with my presence. Or...maybe you should?
2. "Ye, aku ni memang kaki bodek, kaki kipas". 
So? Berapa ramai yang kau nak kipas? Maybe u should consider to install an air conditioner? Make it 2 h.p lah. Nyaman sikit kehidupan kau. Me? I dont need to bodek2. I believe in my capabilities and strength. you have one?
3. "Aku memang pentingkan diri sendiri"
Oh great! Just great. Fyi, me too! But still, i learn to prioritize. I cant be winning all the time (though i can). As long as your arrangement tak menyusahkan other people, it should be ok. Do NOT by any chance you try to cross the border - my border. For once, please get the dictionary and try to memorize whats 'TEAM' was supposed to mean.

4. "Kau ikut je cakap aku. Paham?"
NO, i dont. I am not a machine or a clueless blondie that you can orders to do things as u wish to. I need explanation, and reason for doing things. Membabi buta is not in my list and i dont wish to add them in. You tell me what is your expectation and deadline, i'll do it my way. 

5. "Let me read/see them first, each and everytime"
Did i tell u that i'm not good in taking orders? Come out with 101 rules and you'll be dissapointed. Rules are meant to be broken. Why u so like that? Its not like everything must wait for you wooo...Unless you sign my cheque, i'll consider.

I dont appreciate you to say the above again and again and again. It sounds so sickening. And please, you dont want me to puke on your expensive shoes. Doncha? Be more sacarstic, you'll get double from me. At a time, you may score bonus. I am not here to fight with you neither to be your bestfriend. Be real.
When you enter a new place, study the environment before you decide to change the colors. Whats coming from your previous place may be irrelevant now. Stop trying to be significant to the world. You are not a King nor a Queen that you need to worry on your kingdom. Politics is not something i fancy. If you wanna be one of the politicians, you'll enter the wrong place. There's the door, off you go.

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