Tuesday, June 01, 2010

:: It's Much More Easier When You Are Younger.... ::

...and you see a boy/girl standing at the corner looking at you. You wont feel nervous but you'll find it funny how he can stare for almost 3 minutes or more without blinking. You will then smile back and keep doing it every time she/he look at you. Now? You will have to 'curi-curi' to stare at him/her. If you are lucky, you'll get his/her number. Otherwise, you'll be ignored. 

...and you had a crush with someone older (read : your teacher). You write your feeling on a piece of paper contains few letters (read : I LOVE YOU) and hands it over. You won't bother what others have to say about it. You just do it. Now? Age different has become your biggest concern.  You prefer to keep it low key and hopefully no one will find out.

...and your 'secret admirer' sent you a love letter. You share it with all the people you probably know. You'll be smilling the whole day and can't stop talking about it day after day. Secretly, you hope the cute boy from next class is the writer. Now? You feel weird to receive a letter from anonymous writter. If someone like you, say it out loud.

...and someone gives you a hard times at school. All you gotta do is to plan for a revenge with your girls / boys. Fight is cool and you can be popular too. Now? You are just to tired to get involved. Plus, others find it silly and you, you dont want to look stupid.

...and you forget to complete your schoolwork. You can always copy the answer from your friend. Afterall, there will be only one answer and hopefully you get it right. Now? You can't copy anyone but yes, you can take the credit for someone else's work especially when you are the boss.

...and you failed your test. Other than being lectured by your class teachers and your parent, you'll still get your allowance without failed. Now? Failed is not an option and never be. You failed to get things done, and you're done. D.O.N.E.

...and you'll be wearing the same snickers with your favourite blue shirt which probably looks more or less like the 'kain lap' symbolized how often you put it on. As you grow older, you need to spent on clothes. You just don't want to get spotted wearing the same 'baju' more than 3 times in less than 2 weeks.

...and filling up your tummy with all the food you can have is never an issue. You can have your candies not long after you've finished you hamburger and that is before you starts to dig the ice cream. Or you may have it all in one go. Today, you rather starve just to fit that tiny baby t and wait till you get pregnant and eat-all-you-can. Simple. Blame it on the hormones.

...and just go for it. It's like you have a super power or at least been possessed by demon that you just do whatever comes to your mind. Write a poem for your love ones, scratch your Principal's car, skip classes..you just do it. The last thing you'll do is to think on the consequences. Well, its not gonna be the same now. The process is officially been reversed  by nature. You got to think before you do something. By the time you done with thinking, your desires to do things that you wanted to, just gone. 

...and you don't have to earn your living doing things called W.O.R.K. That used to be the responsibilities for Mummy and Daddy. Being young, U just have to ask for your shares and spent it wisely. Now? You got to drag yourself each day to the office, play a bit of politics and crack your head dealing with few idiots you meet along the way.

Don't you wish you were slightly younger after reading all these? Well, no pain no gain. Experience helps you to mature and be more wiser in taking charge of yourself and your life. Being young is just a part of the experience. Don't feel too bad about it. Afterall, 30 is the new 20. Deal with it.

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